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So yea I know, I don't write blogs here so often.. That's often how it is for me though, I start writing for like a week and then I just completely forget about it. Hm.. Was late for school today. School starts 8.30 and I started walking from home at 8.35. >.< Haven't slept at all tonight... I stayed up all night worrying for a special guy, and arguing with another guy. Ended up with removing and blocking that other guy and a friend of his who also was a friend of mine. Found out some shit about them both so.. Fuck those people, they can both just lie down and die somewhere. And a 4th guy called me a "fucking idiot." But I understand that tho, because I am a fucking idiot, lol.

At the moment, I'm too tired to even know what to write. >.< I'm still worried for that special guy. He means a fucking lot to me and I don't want anything bad to happen to him. I'd do anything I can to make him happy. Hell, I'd even kill someone if it made him happy for just a second. I just love to see him smile or hear him laugh. He has an amazing laugh tbh. Don't know how a laugh can be amazing, but his laugh is amazing just like everything else about him. He's the only one who I would do anything for. And his smile is just stunning, like his eyes also are. I'd just fucking hug him and kiss him forever until both him and I die of starvation! Or maybe not die.. I wouldn't want him to die and I don't want to die if he lives. I can't just leave him all alone in this terrible fucked up world, right? But well.. He wouldn't be alone anyways tho. ._. But y'all get what I fuckin' mean. I would totally hug him at the moment if I could, because I'm cold and lonely. ;_;

I used to have like a shitload of people who I could talk to about like my problems and shit like that. Now I only got him, if he even wants to hear some retarded emo girls complaining.

He broke my heart once. I forgave him for that. I just loved him more than I already did when he apologized. Thought I was gonna die of happiness when he did that. Anyways, what other people say can easily like fuck with my mind and just mess up the way I think so I just get like scared and stuff. And the guy who I removed and blocked last night, he was one of two people who had said that this special guy would break my heart again. But he won't do that, right? I mean like, he seems to like.. Be a better person? He's the best fucking person existing in this horrible world. He is living proof that the world isn't heartless. So he won't break my heart.. Right? RIGHT?!?!

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